Welcome to artisancowhides.com, the website where you will find the most spectacular and finest genuine cowhide rugs, designer rugs and pillows. If you are looking for something special like a natural cowhide rug to match your home or office environment you have come to the right place. Our Colombian Cowhides come from the spectacular Andes Mountains where this breed of cattle is raised, being worldwide known for their creamy tricolor and bicolor schemes, brindle, salt-pepper and other exotic patterns.

At artisancowhides.com our mission is to offer are costumers 100% real Cowhides, and Elegant Patchwork Cowhide Rugs at affordable prices, since we are owners of our own tanneries. It is our duty to bring this magnificent product to more homeowners and interior designers which are looking for an ideal rustic look. Whether it is used as a carpet, display or upholstery, the beauty of our Cowhides will catch the attention of your friends, neighbors and business clients.

We also feel very strong about the environment that’s why we process our hides with strict norms, using biodegradable tanning agents and vegetable tannins, we have also implemented a complete water treatment facility in order to decontaminate the water used in our production process from any tanning agent. We are a green company, for that reason we are always looking for new ways and techniques to coexist with the environment.